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As a professional writer, I strive to develop a relationship between word and reader. Writing is more than stating facts, it’s about stirring emotion.
My specialties are:

  • Spirituality
  • Health and wellness
  • Fitness
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Activism
  • Travel (nature as spirit guide)
  • Adventure

I am always fascinated by the complexities in the collision of spiritual and human existence.

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Samples and Style

Conversationally Speaking

convo“Dear You, There is but one life in this present moment. And within that one life lies many paths, many directions in which to go. Up. Down. Sideways. When you decide on a direction, consciously or not, never fail to underestimate the value waiting there. Never fail to recognize that answers aren’t always clear, always crystal. Embrace the grays.”   D. Hacker

Does your copy sound like someone is reading it from a cue card? Or are you speaking directly to your client? When we create content that is conversational in nature, we own up a dialogue, we start the other thinking and wondering if it applies to them. After all, developing a connection to your client is how relationships are built. You will see conversational language in all content I develop. Start a conversation, make a friend, score a client.

Where can you use conversation?

  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Online articles

Building Brand Loyalty

Ahimsa – Compassion for all living things: 
We strive to bring you a space free from judgment, intolerance or inequity. We open our doors to all who choose to enter. We honor your presence, aim for your trust and treasure your friendship.

Satya – Commitment to Truthfulness: We promise to always put the student first. We will not intentionally mislead or misinform you in any way. Our service to you is without strings or obligations.

Asteya – Non-stealing: We pledge to bring you quality classes from knowledgeable teachers. We vow to keep your trust through honest business practices and a safe environment. We pledge to always fulfill our end of value. Our future unrolls beside your mat.

Brahmacharya – Sense control: We vow to treat you in the respectful manner you deserve. We will never share your stories or dishonor your values. We respect your wishes and value our connection. We will never jeopardize our relationship, nor act in a manner that is not Yogic.

Aparigraha – Neutralizing the desire to acquire and hoard wealth: We are not interested in material possessions. We are not interested in anything other than a vibrant, thriving balanced life. We believe in community. We believe in relationships. We believe in people. Without you, there isn’t a class, there isn’t a relationship and there isn’t a community. We believe in we.”

The excerpt above adorned the front page of my yoga studio’s website for many years and is the way I ran my business. Because of these principles, I grew to 1000s of students and 1,000s of social media followers and newsletter readers. Working together, we build the narrative that defines your business and attracts clients that return again and again.

 Concept Integration

conceptExcerpt: “We are not just a sum of our parts, we are complete beings that are comprised of numerous muscles, bones, blood vessels, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and creativity. It is naive to think that the thoughts we think do not effect us on a physical level. Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, demonstrates how a word taped to a bottle of water can effect the water molecule. The water molecule transforms into an exquisite form when words such as “love” or “happy” are taped to it’s bottle. But words such as “I hate you” or “murder” wreak havoc on the molecule. Since we are made of 75% water, what are our thoughts doing to the molecules within us? Wellness is defined as an integration. We must address all aspects of our being in order to come to a place of homeostasis.” D. Hacker

You have ideas, thoughts on how you want it done but how do you put it down in black and white? I work with you to find the right voice and tone for getting your ideas across. My background in health and wellness makes me an authority, putting principles into practice makes me an expert, personal starts and stops make me empathetic.
I’ll provide a questionnaire that refines the details of what you want to say and how you want to say it. Harness the power of word.
Areas to apply concept integration:




Risking it


Excerpt “Square One and I are well acquainted. Many times I’ve stepped back inside this box, rethinking and rethinking and each time I see Square One as total failure, the brink of destruction, thousands of steps backwards. But today I see it a little differently. I see the Square as a place to breathe deeply, slow down the pace, and evaluate. The universe sticking me right in the center where I have to face all four walls and all four corners before the direction is clear.” D. Hacker

I am a soul adventurer. I’m all about the risk.
Travel writing and photography are passions that get me to my core. When I write and shoot from the gut, I find the most fascinating details, the most incredible story. My goal is to not describe the reader’s next adventure, but to put her there.
Excerpt: Morning travels quietly over the streets of St. Petersburg Florida, bathing it in sunshine. Doors and windows unlock, opening the eyes of the city.  At first glance, this town looks quaint, even quiet. But look again. There are numerous places to go and things to do while you’re here. Begin your day in St. Pete, as the locals refer to it, with breakfast by the bay.

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I will provide you with a questionnaire that refines the details and creates the outline for your project. I meet or exceed deadlines and I include two revisions. Email me when you’re ready to get started!

Blogs, 300-500 words: $60-$100

Articles, 600-2000 words: $120-$400

Website home page: $50

Website content: $75 per page

Newsletter: $75 per publication

Brochures: Trifold: $75, Bifold: $50

Photos: $60 each photograph

Additional revisions: $25 each

Additional copy: $30 per 100 words


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