I wear, and make, just three products. An all purpose tint, mascara, and eye liner. Check out my lovely daughter modeling the make-up!


All-purpose tint. Color pictured: Amaranth

My all purpose tint can be used as eye color, cheek color, lip color, or as an all over base. Tint comes in three shades and goes on very sheer. all use tint: shea and cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E, tea tree oil.

Layer to darken. $15

Black, or brown mascara

I love my mascara, mostly because it doesn’t cake on or clump up, and is super easy to remove. But be careful of activated charcoal, it can leave a mess on the sink. Clean up is easy with soap and warm water, but avoid it if you can. Castor oil, argon oil, aloe, activated charcoal.

One 1.5oz tube: $6

Black, or brown eyeliner

This eyeliner works a lot like the mascara but without the oil since its so near the eye. Use a narrow liner brush to apply, layer to darken. Aloe, activated charcoal.

One .5oz tin: $5

Before and after!