The Long Road Home

I wasn't going to talk about this publicly, then I recalled just how far silence gets you. A little background: I've been seeing a therapist for the past nine months because of an internal signal fire that's struggling to be identified. A years long heating that showed up as annoyance...evolved into anger...then burst into rage. … Continue reading The Long Road Home

Mystical Mike

Ah, Edan! He is a beloved character, mostly because he's trying to be a good guy, but can't help being a bad one. He has his faults, sure, but finds companionship and something close to love in a dog named Mike. An illusionist, Edan incorporates the brilliant Mike into his act, and although he finds … Continue reading Mystical Mike

Assana ~ The Waterfall

Born to an Irish mother and Indian father, Assana is the exquisite combination of the two, though her outer beauty is nothing compared to her inner grace. A fiercely spiritual woman, she grew up holding hands with strife and poverty through parents who devoted their lives to be of service to others. Assana believes her call … Continue reading Assana ~ The Waterfall

Nash Luca

Born on New Year's Day, Nash Luca is an interesting fellow. A psychiatrist, he lives just outside Boulder, Colorado with his wife Jessica. They are a happily married couple living a lovely life in their solar powered home, tending their garden, and collecting rain water in barrels. Their love for the environment shows in everything … Continue reading Nash Luca


So, I haven't written here in MONTHS! Why not? Couple of reasons: So much fundamental life change has taken place that I've had a hard time keeping up. So, I've been more reflective internally, quieter, just letting it be, making my world itsy-bitsy and teeny-tiny. Seriously. I'm writing a book. No for real, a book. … Continue reading AHHH!!!

Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

I am a compilation of faces, and expressions, and hope, and loss, and joy, and anger, and love and fear, and dark and light. I am a soul of wonder and awe and magic. I am a well of life ~ I have been completely empty, and utterly filled. But most often, somewhere in between, … Continue reading Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

Why I’m Writing a Novel

20,000 words in so far. It's about our human race. Our duties, our responsibilities, our doom, and our hope. It's about how we treat each other, and how we treat our planet, our only home. The "sick to death" incidents below happen almost daily. Am I really that different? Is my way of thinking really … Continue reading Why I’m Writing a Novel