As a photographer, it is my mission to capture and connect to our evolving world, whether that’s a starlit night or ballet, mountains or oceans, joy or sadness.

It is from behind my lens that I look closest at my subject. Something about that barrier between me and it that lets me delve a little deeper, find the details, and record their nuances.

My subjects past and present:

  • Travel
  • Wildlife
  • Commercial/Business
  • Weddings
  • Senior portraits
  • Families


As a naturalist, Mother Earth promises beauty, turmoil, and change.

She teaches us how to evolve, live, and not miss a single moment.

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As a humanist, I strive to capture the essence of human existence, lauding its flexibility and diversity.

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….if life were to end tomorrow, what would I miss? The rug? The couch? The end table? Nope. Not even my new pair of shoes. All of that meant nothing when faced with mortality. So what would I miss?

I’d miss learning. I’d miss discovering something new, something I didn’t know before, something that could change me, or the world, profoundly.

I’d miss the seasons. The scents of summer, colors of fall, quiet of winter, and innocence of spring.

I’d miss the wonder of the human body. All the amazing abilities we have, from solving math problems to climbing mountains to curing disease. Housing a brain that can reason, find logic, and calculate…..but that can also cry, feel, be.

I’d miss human interaction. Hugs, kisses, heartfelt talks, looks of understanding, enduring support, and the exquisite pain and unequaled joy of love.

I’d miss music. Memories, old and new, formed from harmony and lyric. Music of wrongdoing and first love and old love and lost love.

I’d miss seeing the world around me. Whether while driving with the windows down or strolling through the neighborhood. Basking in the utter glory of the break of day or hush of night.

I’d miss all sentient beings. My dog’s unconditional companionship, my cat’s soft purr, a cheetah’s sleek grace, a cow’s soulful eyes. Even a spider’s unparalleled precision.

I’d miss laughter. A universal sound we all understand, we all connect to, we all unite in. The embrace where we eradicate all differences.

Life. Life is not to be missed.

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