The Long Road Home

I wasn't going to talk about this publicly, then I recalled just how far silence gets you. A little background: I've been seeing a therapist for the past nine months because of an internal signal fire that's struggling to be identified. A years long heating that showed up as annoyance...evolved into anger...then burst into rage. … Continue reading The Long Road Home

Why I’m Writing a Novel

Because it’s worth repeating.

Diana Hacker: Wildcrafted

20,000 words in so far. It’s about our human race. Our duties, our responsibilities, our doom, and our hope. It’s about how we treat each other, and how we treat our planet, our only home.

The “sick to death” incidents below happen almost daily. Am I really that different? Is my way of thinking really THAT radical?? But it doesn’t matter really, because I won’t do a thing differently. Self righteous? No. Earth righteous? Yes.

Here’s a little rant just for stopping by.

I’m sick to death of people looking at me cross-eyed because I don’t eat meat or participate in the destruction of animals in favor of flesh on every corner, four course dinners, ridiculous cooking shows, and the ignorance of people who have zero reason to be ignorant.

I’m sick to death of people  who say “I love animals” then proceed to eat them, enslave them, shoot them…

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Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

I am a compilation of faces, and expressions, and hope, and loss, and joy, and anger, and love and fear, and dark and light. I am a soul of wonder and awe and magic. I am a well of life ~ I have been completely empty, and utterly filled. But most often, somewhere in between, … Continue reading Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

Cut and Run

I see this life like a swinging vine, Swing my heart across the line In my face is flashing signs, Seek it out and ye shall find. On December 12 of 2006, my home was the scene of something almost everyone fears - but thankfully never has to face - fire. And although I don’t … Continue reading Cut and Run

I am the Mountain

The shift occurred on day 4 of my 8 day journey back to Florida. Crossing the border from Wyoming into Colorado around 3:00 pm, we were smack in the middle of a beautiful day - sunny, warm, big thick clouds, then the Rockies came into view and I was gone. Everything prior to that moment … Continue reading I am the Mountain

Is the Mountain Out?

A few early Monday mornings ago around 5:00 am, I found myself on Vashon Island, a narrow strip that runs north and south from the coast of West Seattle to Tacoma. From my place on the island overlooking Puget Sound, I was treated to a lovely sunrise slowly creeping its way up Mount Rainier. The … Continue reading Is the Mountain Out?

Chaos Burning

For weeks now I've been trying to write. Trying to find something profound to say. Something deep and meaningful that makes sense of sudden, tragic loss. Words that provide the balm, wrap the wound in a protective sheath, and let healing begin. Thoughts and ideas that explain the randomness of life, the bizarre selection process … Continue reading Chaos Burning