Diana Hacker Reed

Born in Chicago, moved to Florida, moved to Washington, moved back to Florida. I’m currently in a state of flux, an oscillation of spirit that moves me from one experience to the next.

That’s my Jeep in the photo above. It’s the second one I’ve owned and one of my greatest joys.

Expert analasys: “She has a gentle stubborn streak that, at certain times, convinces her to resist attempts to throw her off course. In a rather pleasant way, she’s more likely to knuckle down in such situations and just keep on going without making a huge fuss about it. This level of benign resilience, coupled with her desire to make things happen, will take her far. I’d describe her attitude as ready for anything. Or “pleasantly aggressive.” She has spunk, she has bounce and drive. And she has a busy mind that flies off in all directions, together with a complicated matrix of emotions swirling beneath, fueling her activities. Channeling this complex cloud of internal activity, somehow she succeeds in finding her way.”

THIS is who I am:
I care about the planet and it’s present and future – I example that in the way I eat, live, and work.
I love animals – all animals, not just the fuzzy kind and I example that by not exploiting them in any way, and that includes not eating them.
I enjoy life – I don’t sweat the small stuff, fly off the handle, or otherwise dance with stress. I example that in how I live each day.

When I write, I write with facts and passion, arguments and persuasions. If something needs to be said, I say it. Let’s take the gloves off and really face it down.

When I pick up my camera, I’m looking to stop time. Through the lens, I’m waiting for the exact occurrence of a moment that will never, ever occur again. Capturing that.

My life and work are about stopping time to fall inside a piece or photo that will inevitably lift, exalt, refresh, engage, or otherwise create change when time starts moving forward again.

I offer my resume in PDF format for a rundown of my experience:


Contact me directly at: 352-346-4467

or: dianaghacker@gmail.com

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I hope we get to work together.