Nhlovo and Kulani

Meet South Africans Nhlovo and Kulani, descendants of the Tsonga people. An artist and  scientist, respectively, this couple has just learned they are expecting a baby after many failed attempts. But, considering what lies in wait for them, they will be soon be faced with a decision regarding the fate of their baby. These two … Continue reading Nhlovo and Kulani

The Twins: Leila and Ori

Ahhh! Two of my favorite characters, Leila and Ori share a significant birth date. Born 12 hours apart on an elusive day -- February 29th-- Leap Day. Leap Day was the inspiration for the story and I began crafting characters around leap day customs when it evolved into something more. The title, 12 Pairs of … Continue reading The Twins: Leila and Ori

Nash Luca

Born on New Year's Day, Nash Luca is an interesting fellow. A psychiatrist, he lives just outside Boulder, Colorado with his wife Jessica. They are a happily married couple living a lovely life in their solar powered home, tending their garden, and collecting rain water in barrels. Their love for the environment shows in everything … Continue reading Nash Luca

Solace and Seattle

I am pleased to introduce you the two main characters in 12 Pairs of Gloves. I have come to love these two, as they are the impetus to the direction of the story. We meet Solace for the first time when she's preparing for an upheaval that will leave her feeling more alone than ever. … Continue reading Solace and Seattle


So, I haven't written here in MONTHS! Why not? Couple of reasons: So much fundamental life change has taken place that I've had a hard time keeping up. So, I've been more reflective internally, quieter, just letting it be, making my world itsy-bitsy and teeny-tiny. Seriously. I'm writing a book. No for real, a book. … Continue reading AHHH!!!

Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

I am a compilation of faces, and expressions, and hope, and loss, and joy, and anger, and love and fear, and dark and light. I am a soul of wonder and awe and magic. I am a well of life ~ I have been completely empty, and utterly filled. But most often, somewhere in between, … Continue reading Un·fin·ishedˌ(ənˈfiniSHt) not finished or concluded

Heavy Breathers

Early this morning, around 3:00am, the two goofballs in the photos below decided to sleep in my bed. And that's when it all began. First, Margot and Renley, respectively, came into my room and decided to sniff everything  within sniffing range. We're talking some serious police dog type sniffing that was intense enough to wake … Continue reading Heavy Breathers