The Long Road Home

I wasn't going to talk about this publicly, then I recalled just how far silence gets you. A little background: I've been seeing a therapist for the past nine months because of an internal signal fire that's struggling to be identified. A years long heating that showed up as annoyance...evolved into anger...then burst into rage. … Continue reading The Long Road Home

Why I’m Writing a Novel

Because it’s worth repeating.

Diana Hacker: Wildcrafted

20,000 words in so far. It’s about our human race. Our duties, our responsibilities, our doom, and our hope. It’s about how we treat each other, and how we treat our planet, our only home.

The “sick to death” incidents below happen almost daily. Am I really that different? Is my way of thinking really THAT radical?? But it doesn’t matter really, because I won’t do a thing differently. Self righteous? No. Earth righteous? Yes.

Here’s a little rant just for stopping by.

I’m sick to death of people looking at me cross-eyed because I don’t eat meat or participate in the destruction of animals in favor of flesh on every corner, four course dinners, ridiculous cooking shows, and the ignorance of people who have zero reason to be ignorant.

I’m sick to death of people  who say “I love animals” then proceed to eat them, enslave them, shoot them…

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The Plot is Thick: Meet Echo

I'm having so much fun writing this novel! I am in Part Four, two chapters in. I expect at least five or more chapters until completion. So far: 64,671 words. 248 pages 20 chapters Almost there!!!!! While you're here, I'd like to introduce you to Echo, the gray wolf. Echo shows up throughout the novel, … Continue reading The Plot is Thick: Meet Echo

Part Three: 12 Pairs of Gloves

Sorry about the delay, but Hurricane Irma had other ideas for us Florida folks. Although there is a lot of rebuilding to be done, we're back on our feet and on our way. The third part of my novel is when all the characters finally come together to learn their destinies. The reader is taken … Continue reading Part Three: 12 Pairs of Gloves

Mystical Mike

Ah, Edan! He is a beloved character, mostly because he's trying to be a good guy, but can't help being a bad one. He has his faults, sure, but finds companionship and something close to love in a dog named Mike. An illusionist, Edan incorporates the brilliant Mike into his act, and although he finds … Continue reading Mystical Mike

Assana ~ The Waterfall

Born to an Irish mother and Indian father, Assana is the exquisite combination of the two, though her outer beauty is nothing compared to her inner grace. A fiercely spiritual woman, she grew up holding hands with strife and poverty through parents who devoted their lives to be of service to others. Assana believes her call … Continue reading Assana ~ The Waterfall

Rational Souls: Xia and Wynter

One born on Summer Solstice, one born on Winter Solstice, their names reflecting their season. They are women of medicine, one Western, one Eastern. Their cultures and values clash, and they have yet to figure out how to communicate with one another. They have been together since 1992, and united when British Columbia legalized gay … Continue reading Rational Souls: Xia and Wynter

Nhlovo and Kulani

Meet South Africans Nhlovo and Kulani, descendants of the Tsonga people. An artist and  scientist, respectively, this couple has just learned they are expecting a baby after many failed attempts. But, considering what lies in wait for them, they will be soon be faced with a decision regarding the fate of their baby. These two … Continue reading Nhlovo and Kulani

The Twins: Leila and Ori

Ahhh! Two of my favorite characters, Leila and Ori share a significant birth date. Born 12 hours apart on an elusive day -- February 29th-- Leap Day. Leap Day was the inspiration for the story and I began crafting characters around leap day customs when it evolved into something more. The title, 12 Pairs of … Continue reading The Twins: Leila and Ori