Writing is Hard ;)


I have nearly finished the book. I know I’ve said that before, that I was just a couple of chapters away from the end…but that was before I was actually writing the chapters. I believe that, barring any unforeseen developments, I am currently writing the penultimate.

I consult my notes over and over. Notes, that’s something to mention. I have an entire spiral bound notebook filled with them, my phone holds at least 20 audio notes, and several pieces of random paper with not so random thoughts while getting coffee. Not to mention the writing software.

And I’ve made more notes than ever before. Loose ends to tie up, clues to insert, questions to answer. I imagine that, as I begin to reread, perhaps rewrite, the process will take on a whole new definition.

Now, chapters come one by one as the story unfolds. Ideas pop up within whatever chapter I’m writing that may change the one before it.

My characters are as real as you and me and I value their opinions and respect their feelings. I know their faces, their voices, their mannerisms. I know what they’d say and what they’ll do in most situations, although they still surprise me.

So, as I round the corner to the finish line, I’m exhilarated to be so near the end, 18 months later. Were I a full time writer, I might instead be discussing its sequel by now (*winks at universe).

Thanks for letting me share my process. I hope you’ll stay tuned for the big finish and re-join my cast of characters:

Solace and Seattle: the matriarch and the protege.

The jury: Nash, Brisa, Edan, Nhlovo, Kulani, Assana, Ori, Leila, Wynter, and Xia.

Echo the gray wolf.

They’re waiting for me now, to save them, redeem them, and shine the light.

I hope they’re ready.

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