From a 2012 Facebook post. I thought it was worth sharing here.

Diana Hacker Reed

A Facebook friend posted about the loss of her husband. Although I don’t know her personally, I read her story of triumph over death and dying. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve and given 1-6 weeks to live. He died New Year’s Day. Her life, changed in an instant. With one sentence, life would never, ever be the same.

I scrolled back through her page, back to December 23rd when she posted about riding horses, getting ready for the holidays and general life goings on. What if I could have told her then what was just one day away? Would she have done anything differently? Would I?

I continued reading then, watching her sink into disbelief. Watched her heart break into irretrievable pieces. I watched her hope, pray and place her faith in a power other than herself. I watched her struggle with the meaning of it all, wonder why.

I watched her accept his fate, waiting for the end, wondering if his next “I love you would be the last I hear from his lips”. Then, I watched her find her strength, I watched her seek comfort in her horses, find angels on their backs and ride along.

This, was sobering. Heartbreaking. How many of us trudge through our days, assuming we have many of them stretched out before us? How many of us complain and moan and deny our own lives? How many of us refuse to forgive, forget to love and find fault with life?

Today is January 5th. Her husband will never see another Valentines Day, or Fourth of July. He’ll never see another Saturday afternoon thunderstorm or a Sunday evening barbeque. The saying goes.”live each day as if it were your last”. Do we? Do you? Do I?

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Love the ones you love. Forgive the ones you think have wronged you. Forgive yourself for past decisions. Right here, right now. This is what is real. This is what matters. This is what we have. Life is happening right now. Let’s not miss another second. We have no idea if there will be another.

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