Why I’m Writing a Novel

Because it’s worth repeating.

Diana's Wildcrafted Life

20,000 words in so far. It’s about our human race. Our duties, our responsibilities, our doom, and our hope. It’s about how we treat each other, and how we treat our planet, our only home.

The “sick to death” incidents below happen almost daily. Am I really that different? Is my way of thinking really THAT radical?? But it doesn’t matter really, because I won’t do a thing differently. Self righteous? No. Earth righteous? Yes.

Here’s a little rant just for stopping by.

I’m sick to death of people looking at me cross-eyed because I don’t eat meat or participate in the destruction of animals in favor of flesh on every corner, four course dinners, ridiculous cooking shows, and the ignorance of people who have zero reason to be ignorant.

I’m sick to death of people  who say “I love animals” then proceed to eat them, enslave them, shoot them…

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