The Plot is Thick: Meet Echo

I’m having so much fun writing this novel! I am in Part Four, two chapters in. I expect at least five or more chapters until completion.

So far:

64,671 words.

248 pages

20 chapters

Almost there!!!!!

While you’re here, I’d like to introduce you to Echo, the gray wolf. Echo shows up throughout the novel, but his true role doesn’t become clear until Part Four. As we progress, the reader comes to find that Echo is made up of much more than wolf DNA. In this excerpt, Echo has been charged with bringing the gloves to Edan.


Echo stepped to the side to reveal a pair of black silk gloves on the floor just in front of the toilet bowl. Edan was compelled, overcome by an enormous need to trust Mike. Feeling rushed, he grabbed the gloves and slipped his hands inside. All the way in the room now, the dog closed the door and faced Edan. 

Considering all nature was capable of, the transformation from dog to wolf wasn’t really that spectacular, but it was certainly beautiful to witness.

Mike stood tall, his tail held high, mouth closed, serene. As Edan watched, Mike began to dissolve, then cross dissolve, with a wolf. They each flashed in and out of existence until hold was taken and one became the other. First the tail, then the legs, until one body begat another.


It continued, rapidly, this transmutation of flesh and bone, spirit and essence. So many electrons popping in and out, the room was lit by the electricity that grew around the dog, making him larger, taller, stronger. It continued, until the gray wolf stood before Edan. 

From light to black, they entered the eclipse.

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