Assana ~ The Waterfall

Born to an Irish mother and Indian father, Assana is the exquisite combination of the two, though her outer beauty is nothing compared to her inner grace.

A fiercely spiritual woman, she grew up holding hands with strife and poverty through parents who devoted their lives to be of service to others. Assana believes her call to the jury is a message from her parents.

It might seem obvious, at first, that she will be inclined to save the human race, but will her exposure to suffering ultimately become her reason to end it? Did her parents’ teachings of forgiveness and acceptance soften her heart, or harden it?


It was difficult for any man, and for many women as well, to not be swept away in Assana’s presence. She was more than merely beautiful, she had a soul that shined through every pore, an internal shimmer that made her breathtaking. Her chestnut brown eyes were liberally sprinkled with flecks of mint green, skin the color of wildcrafted honey and of the same silky texture. She was blessed with her parents’ most striking attributes, and half of each individuality. 

“Open your gifts!” one of the female guests prompted.

“Yes! Of course!” Assana agreed and began reading, opening, admiring, commenting, hugging. She went through the ritual ten times, looking over each token and recognizing the love and care that came with its selection. She was gracious, as beauty would be. At last, there was a single cream colored envelope left where the centerpiece had been, Assana’s name hand-written on its face. No postage stamp, no return address. “Who is this from?” she quizzed the table. No one laid claim to it, but all joined in speculation.

“Open it!” came the voice of the same woman to start the gift unwrapping.

Assana opened the square envelope, running her thumb under the flap to free it from its binding. She took the card from its sleeve and looked for a clue to its sender. The front of the card gave nothing away, and neither did the inside. A smaller envelope tumbled out onto the table, Assana picked it up, pushed back the little flap and drew out the note inside. Reading to herself, Assana knew it was a message from her parents.


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