Solace and Seattle

I am pleased to introduce you to the two main characters in 12 Pairs of Gloves. I have come to love these two, as they are the impetus to the direction of the story.

We meet Solace for the first time when she’s preparing for an upheaval that will leave her feeling more alone than ever. Bestowed with an essence like no other, she is the matriarch who must bring the others together in order to set them on their paths. Solace is made of mettle, and cannot be described as human – she is a culmination.

Seattle is the young man of twenty-three who, to Solace, the most precious human of all. Although he is much more than that, as humanity is only a fraction of his entire knowledge and understanding. He has been raised and taught by Solace, until such time that he too understands his role.

The two of them are a formidable pair who know when the deck has been stacked, and are experts at playing their hands.


The boy grew tall and strong quickly, and with fervor. Solace spent hours upon days upon weeks with him in the forests and mountains, learning the names of trees, the slope of the land, the path of waterfalls. Seattle met the animals there; bear and cougar and deer. He understood his place was not to leave a mark, but to forge connection with each beast, each berry, each blade of grass. He learned to cherish Earth, stand in awe of her beauty and multiplicity. He felt her shoulders shrug when the ground moved beneath his feet, saw her smile in blooming flowers. He witnessed her simplicity in a lady bug, her complexity in a spider’s web, her freedom in flowing rivers. He grew and marveled.

“Do you see mama deer and her fawns Setty?” Solace asked him, calling him by the nickname that had years ago fallen easily from her lips. “See how she knows just what to do to care for them?”

“Yes. She is always watching, always protecting them.” He agreed, entrusted with wisdom even at seven. “Can we go closer?” 

“No. We must respect her space. We don’t want to scare her, or her fawns. She seems ok with us here, let’s not push it.”

“She’s so beautiful mama.” Calling Solace by a name she had never chosen for herself. She’d never asked him to call her mother, never taught him the word, yet he said it anyway. She wondered if he knew who she was better than she knew herself.

“You hungry?” She asked him, hand on her hip, head slightly tilted in anticipation of his answer.

“What are we having?” Seattle asked back.

“Answering a question with a question are we?” Solace grinned at him.

He rolled his eyes, “You always tell me to ask lots of questions.”

“Ha! Well then dear boy, thanks for listening.” Solace took his hand in hers as they turned away from the deer and her family. “See Setty? Families are everywhere. Life is a gift for all of us, not just a certain few. And love is a language we can all understand, even if humans don’t speak it very well.”

“Do you think the deer knows we’re a family too?”

Ruffling Seattle’s hair, she answered, “I think she knows. And I bet she thinks you’re one cute fawn.”


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