The Plot

I’m pretty excited to start sharing my novel’s ideas and people with you. Before I go into the plot, I’d like to give you a little background on how I got here in the first place.

It began with good friends over a discussion about Leap Day and the odds of being born on that particular quadrennial. No surprise, odds are pretty slim. Even slimmer if twins are born. It was that idea that led to the first two characters I developed, twins born on leap day, and twins who didn’t yet know exactly who they were.

The book’s title: 12 Pairs of Gloves, comes from Leap Day myths and legends. Although the plot doesn’t utilize the original intent of the glove legend, their role here is decidedly more….important. Also, I love the way those four words sound together. 🙂

Below is a scratchboard of the cover.



So, onward. Our story centers around a group of people who are brought together to decide the fate of the human race.

The details around that are, of course, unfolding as the story continues, and as I get to know my characters. Suffice it to say, the 12 are extraordinary beings who will be faced with a crucial decision — whether to save humans from mass extinction, or start over. The novel is a study in human nature, what makes us human and what it means to belong to a species. It is a look at what is really important and how we make choices for the good of the one and the good of the many.

The book is in four parts.

Part One: You’ll meet the first two characters who begin the task of summoning the other ten. Get to know their unique role within the 12.

Part Two: Meet the other ten characters, their motivations, loves, and conflicts. These diverse characters from across the globe do not yet know the task that lies ahead of them, but they’re getting clues.

Part Three: The 12 are brought together. Meet Echo, the gray wolf who connects them all to each other and leads the way. It’s never as easy as anyone thinks.

Part Four: Human conflict, triumph, ability, stupidity, and the incredible strength and resilience of love, are explored in the arguments for extinction or salvation. How will they decide?


Thanks for reading so far.

See you next week when we meet Solace and Seattle.









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