So, I haven’t written here in MONTHS!

Why not? Couple of reasons:

  1. So much fundamental life change has taken place that I’ve had a hard time keeping up. So, I’ve been more reflective internally, quieter, just letting it be, making my world itsy-bitsy and teeny-tiny. Seriously.
  2. I’m writing a book. No for real, a book.

So what happened is, whenever I come up with a topic I want to write about here, I end up including it in the book. And now I finally feel like I can talk about the book because it’s actually a thing. I’ve written over 200 pages thus far and I’m only speeding up. The characters, the story, they are all coming together so beautifully, almost as if I’m not writing but transcribing.

Every now and then I hit a block, but I manage to find a way over, under, or around. One. Sentence. At. A. Time.

So what I’d like to do is introduce you to the book. The idea, the people, the task ahead.

Beginning Saturday, July 1st, I’ll start a weekly post to bring you into the world in my head. I’ll share the plot, the characters, the dilemmas, the pain and the joy.

I’m adding a new category just for the book. Look for: 12 Pairs of Gloves.

Feedback appreciated.


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