We The People, of the United States…

I have spent a lot of time trying to process what just happened in our country. I completely agree that where we are is the result of both political parties and because democrats didn’t take Trump seriously enough until it was too late, he now sits in wait to take the highest office in the land.

The President of the United States

Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, Chief Legislator , Chief Diplomat

Titles I never thought would be followed by Donald J. Trump. I’m disheartened that our country’s citizens can’t see beyond their own anger to view what stands before them. Or those that knew full well and did what they wanted anyway. Is this where we are as a United States? Where we’re so fed up with the system that we throw in someone who doesn’t even, at the very least, have a military background, yet who will now command our armed forces?

I am full of fear these past few days, and let me tell you, fear is not a familiar feeling. Our earth needs our attention, our aid, and we now have someone who doesn’t believe any threats exist. Stop recycling, throw shit on the ground, cut down the forests, privatize public land, level the mountains, melt the ice- who cares? It’s all bullshit anyway according to this guy. As if caring about the earth is insane, if not criminal.

To the people on social media today  who are asking for unity, love, and respect; I don’t have that to give you right now. I am in process and need to be angry, sad, and fearful so that I can formulate the best plan of action. Because now is the time for action and I refuse to bury my head in the sand because no one wants to hear  a “cry baby”, as I’ve been called.

I will listen to what you have to say because I respect the constitutional amendment that gives you the right to say it – but I won’t stand beside hate and intolerance… I won’t.

If you plead ignorance or apathy, I ask you to reconsider. The right to vote is not a right every country has, and one not every US citizen has- some of those are people who’ve committed felonious crimes, illegal and legal immigrants, and minors. Some countries tell you who will govern you and you don’t have a choice. If you say you love your country, then be a part of how it works. Be a part of what you say makes it great, because this is one of those things. This is how we exact change, change that makes sense. We listen, we read, we vote. We take it seriously, and we vote.

And in between voting we sign petitions and attend peaceful protests and we make our voices known. Because the whole point folks, that we may be forgetting, is the United States is supposed to be run by its citizens, not its government. That is the definition of democracy.

From Merriam-Webster:


  • a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting
  • an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights

Read that again: in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. And our entire constitution is based on the rights of its citizens, but there are no rights to treat someone unfairly because of their race, religion, sex, orientation, or country of origin.

That, my friends, that’s a human right-to choose to be decent. A human being who is helpful to his fellow man, mindful of the place he calls home, and respectful of who he shares that home with.

Or a human that wants it all to burn. The choice is yours.

Meanwhile, as you ponder that one,  I will continue to put the shopping cart back in the corral, I’ll recycle everything I can, reduce and reuse as much as possible. I will help you if I see you need help, and I will call you out if you spew hateful shit, or harm another in any way. I will respect all the creatures great and small on this planet and I will recognize their role in how the actual world goes ’round and I will not presume to be so arrogant that I think their role doesn’t matter. I will be helpful when I can, mindful when I should, and respectful all the time. And so I myself will rise above our current situation, because I myself had a role here. I will work to right the wrongdoings that may await our country this coming January.

And to that I add, that I will try not to go into public and wonder who has hearts filled with hate – I’ll just fill mine with love.

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