You Said I Was What??

Nope. You didn’t just say that to me….you didn’t just mention my (gasp!) age?

What was it exactly? “You’re a little bit older…”

Oh you know it honey. And guess what youngin, I’m just getting going.

My current mantra is: never settle.

Because if I settle, then what the hell is the point? If I just take what comes with a heavy sigh and an Oh well! then I have really come no farther at all. I’ve simply shifted from one location to another, and packed a hell of a lot more baggage than I thought.

I am in no way, shape, or form, willing to play by the rules of your games.

I make the rules now. I set the bar. I decide. I choose.

I will not settle.

I will dream. I will chase. I will find.

And so, young(er) one, try to keep up.


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