Ribbons of Highway

The interesting thing about living here in Washington are the highways, or freeways, as they are called here. Two major freeways run through this area, I-5 which runs past downtown Seattle and I-405 which runs through the outlying areas and downtown Bellevue.


Of course, commuters travel these roads from one town to the next, leading to congestion throughout the day. But what strikes me as really cool is that you travel virtually traffic light free for any number of miles, depending on your destination.

Then there are the ferries. Washington boasts the largest ferry system in the US with 24 ferries carrying over 23 million passengers throughout the year to any of the islands surrounding Seattle center. It’s pretty cool to drive your vehicle onto a ferry for a day of island hopping.


Now, once you exit the ferry or the freeway, get ready to travel some of the most beautiful roads I’ve seen. Whether the view is the North Cascades, Mount Rainier, or the Olympics, you’re sure to travel through tree lined majesty with those major players forming the backdrop. Share the road with cyclists as they are everywhere.


And of course, if you’re traveling out for some mountain time, the drive will be beautiful as you get closer and closer to their stunning beauty.


So hey, come on out here. The flight is only the beginning of your travels through Washington state.

See ya soon.

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