Something about a road trip that puts life into perspective.

I had planned to write every day of this trip, but after 8 or 9 hours of driving, the energy required was decidedly lacking. So here I am on Day 9, penning a little this morning.

We have been across so many beautiful parts of this country and met some interesting folks. From our colorful motel neighbor in Tennessee, to the adorable couple who own a Montana college town hotel, we’ve encountered many and the energy has always been good.

We’ve trekked from Florida to Georgia, camped in Tennessee and crossed the Mississippi into Arkansas. Northward then to Iowa, then westward towards South Dakota. We walked the Badlands and drove through Bighorn mountains in Wyoming. We encountered big horn sheep, bison, and deer. Montana’s views are spectacular and I look forward to the rest of the drive west today through Idaho and Washington.



Through all of this, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotion; deep homesickness, a sense of true loss, exhilaration at the idea of newness, terror at the idea of newness, and a profound sense of change. Yet the most significant must be the sense of lightness, a sense of shedding, leaving behind. As if there is a resurrection of spirit, phoenix rising from the ashes.

Oh I know it won’t happen all at once, I significantly understand the concept of process, and I’ll take each day unwrapped in order to allow its unfolding, see what it has to offer, make my choices from the offering, find the dream within the circumstance, and rise with wings at the ready.


Let’s do it.

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