The final week here in Florida is on me. Soon we will pack up the cars and begin the trek west. Myriad emotions lay claim to me now.

  • Have I done enough?
  • Will we make it there?
  • Are we leaving too much behind?
  • Do we have enough to get there?
  • What will happen when we arrive?
  • Have I alienated too many?

Reactions to this move come in two flavors, sweet (supportive) and sour (negative). Many who incessantly mention Washington’s weather, to warnings of high prices, finding a place to live, no job, etc. Then there are the “how can you leave here?” people and the “you’re good at running away” people.

Support comes in many wonderful shapes fortunately, from the “you’re inspiring” to the “you’ll do great there” people who know and understand the importance of this undertaking. Those who know it isn’t easy to make these choices but that forays into the unknown are what living is all about.

So I continue house hunting, job hunting, packing, preparing. Seeing old friends one more time, cementing our connection to each other, realizing space and time have no place in love.

And love I must.

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