What’s important?

This is a love letter.

Dear You,
There is but one life in this present moment. And within that one life lies many paths, many directions in which to go. Up. Down. Sideways. When you decide on a direction, consciously or not, never fail to underestimate the value waiting there. Never fail to recognize that answers aren’t always clear, always crystal. Embrace the grays. Know that you don’t always have to know. Understand, fully and completely, that you already possess all the answers you’ll ever need. Intuition is your direct conduit to all the knowledge the universe possesses.

Love, Me

In just a few days, I, my oldest daughter and a dear friend, will pack 2 vehicles and head west. It is a time of significant change, and indestructible intention. I have talked about intention a lot over the years, how we pave our own trails and create our own stories through our intentions, both conscious and unconscious. We grow roots, transplant, locate the sun and water, and grow again. Life is an evolution, a process, a metamorphosis of body, mind, and spirit. Intentions don’t always follow the path we think they will, and trust plays a large role in how they unfold.

Setting intention sets universal wheels in motion that call the manifestation of those intentions our way. Positive, negative, or neutral, we are constantly emitting signals that alert the universe to send us whatever it is we think we deserve. What do you deserve?
What do I?

There have been numerous obstacles placed in front of me over the 8 months planning this move. Obstacles that aren’t insurmountable, they are not the brick walls of warning to tell me I’m going in the wrong direction. They are more like a series of questions, only its just one question being asked over and over again: What’s important?

Kind of like the universe is saying, “If you really want to start over, then really start over. Because if that’s the intention, then let’s manifest that every way possible.”
Because through each and every obstacle, I have done nothing less than move forward with my intention fully at the forefront. None of these obstacles, not a single one, has dampened it, nor have they forced retreat or defeat. More like surrender.

“If the problem has a solution, worrying is pointless, in the end the problem will be solved. If the problem has no solution, there is no reason to worry, because it can’t be solved.” – Zen saying

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