What was I thinking?? The question that defines human evolution.

Picture it: You’re 22, making life choices, moving forward, doing what you think is the right thing to do, choosing mates, careers, etc.

Flash forward 10 years and the relationship is a bust, the job has gone nowhere and you ask yourself the timeless question “what was I thinking?” Maybe you reflect on your choices and wonder why you made them, wonder who you were back then that the choice seemed right. Even one that would last a lifetime. Then….it didn’t.

What if we became paralyzed by that question? What if we stopped making choices for fear they are inevitably wrong, or will be something different years (even months) down the road? And some of us do become paralyzed, never reaching our full potential because we fail to recognize the process of our evolution.

This is life. Making the choices that shape us every single day. Who is to truly say what is right or wrong? What will succeed and what will “fail”. Who, for that matter, can define failure.

Maybe, in 10 years time I’ll ask again “What was I thinking?”, but I won’t let that stop me from making the choices today. Especially when I look back and understand the gifts, blessings, and lessons that have been bestowed as a result.

Oh sure, there are red flags we ignore, signs we’re heading in the wrong direction, but its through life’s experience and wisdom that we begin to see those more clearly…and choose differently.

How would we ever make the choices that are best for us if we never experienced the ones that are not?

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  1. hpetty42 says:

    This is so true. No point regretting decisions, because you can’t go back and change them. You can learn from them, though, and forge ahead to something better.

    1. Diana Reed says:

      You know it!

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