I’ve spent some time with my 24 year old daughter recently, and its been an interesting experience.

First, let me say that she is beautiful. Truly a lovely woman, inside and out. She’s someone you’d want to spend time with to enjoy her lilting laugh, easy smile, and sharp wit. But its around the men that I notice the shift.

When she was small, I of course, was much younger. And admiring glances tended to come my way. Today…they are all hers. And I deal now with how that feels.

It would seem that I am no longer of an age that garners longing looks from the opposite sex. No longer am I the young supple thing I once was. No longer am I of the big eyes, bright smile, long limbs, and eager set. And while this may be cause for some to curse aging and induce depression, melancholy, or regret….

I remind myself,

Today, I am so much more.

  • It’s the years of relationships that gave me the wisdom to know the value of another’s opinion, ideas, and interests.
  • It’s those same years that taught me what love is, and more importantly, what it isn’t.
  • Love for myself the ultimate product of this.
  • Lines on my face belie laughter, tears, joy, and sadness that shaped this life.
  • But it is this beautiful mind that remains eager to learn, primed for adventure, and ready for challenge.
  • And it is my mind that communicates to my body.

Later today, or maybe tomorrow, I’ll pass someone on the road or in the street. There will be a quick glance to determine worthiness, attractiveness, do-I-want-to-botherness. The glance begins the tale of a chance encounter or swift retreat. The glance deciding if opening a life to another is worth the risks, and the joys.

And maybe he’ll glance back.


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