How Zombies Let Me Lead a Saner Life

As a yoga teacher, you’d think I have a heavy arsenal of stress reducing techniques. You’d think I had an entire armory of ways to get calm and peaceful. And you’d be right. However, they don’t always work.

But picking up my double barreled shot gun and offing the undead does. There is something quite cathartic about this simple pastime, something quite appealing about focusing on survival.

Survival. Sure, we’re hard wired for it, but its that hard wiring that sometimes precludes our ability to see when we’re unwired, suffering from chronic stress as chronic stressors dominate our sensibilities. Very difficult to make sane decisions when life has us running up trees for no good reason. Our imaginations taking us down paths we may never walk, but have taught ourselves to fear anyway.

When I pop in that game, I know just what to expect. And though the subtle nuances change from game to game, the idea…and the goal…remain the same.

Where will you find me when my reaction to life has me overwhelmed and frazzled? Out there in the dark countryside, calculating making my way to a safe room while protecting my life and the lives of my teammates. And when those zombies come creeping around the corner, I raise my shotgun, take aim, and fire.

I’ve never felt so relaxed.


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